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Opening hours today

In accordance with emergency measure issued by the Ministry of Health Ratibořice castle has been closed and all guided tours and events have been cancelled until further notice. For more info see our web site.


Babiččino valley for schools

The czech guided tour through the Babiččino valley, designed for organized groups of elementary and secondary schools, accompanied by teachers, which includes a tour of the chateau, Rudr Mill, a Water mangle and Staré Bělidlo with additional explanation on the sites along the tour route.

Basic information

  • duration 180 minutes
  • max. 40 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 1.–13. 4. closed
14. 4.–30. 4. closed
1. 5.–31. 5. closed
1. 6.–7. 6. closed
8. 6.–30. 6. closed
1. 7.–31. 8. closed
1. 9.–31. 10. Tue–Fri 10.00–13.00
1. 11.–31. 12. closed


Czech guide tour

  • Single admission 160 Kč/p
  • Teachers accompanying free

Reservation fee is 10% of full admission

reservation needed for groups only